I am fascinated by people and their experiences of life. My clients give me the privilege of capturing them both in their everyday lives and on unique days in their lives. I am changed by all the creative possibilities of life I see as others show me who they really are. My experiences as a mother, a friend, a wife, a daughter,a photographer teach me about living life FULLY in the present moment and receiving all the gifts of that moment. I am learning that even difficult moments hold unexpected surprises and bring me deeper into living.

I can't imagine my life without a camera in it.  I understand the world and myself better because I make pictures.  It may seem like an odd combination to photograph work ranging from newborns to homelessness, from weddings to the dying process, but for me all of the work I create is connected.  I believe there is beauty in every experience, even the hard ones...and as I allow myself to open to those experiences which are painful, my ability to experience joy is enlarged.  I am able to explore this process freely through photography.  I believe we are all connected to one another, whether we like it or not, and I believe we come alive most fully when we become awake to our interconnectedness.  We are all on a journey.   Through photographing that journey, mine and yours, I learn how to live.

I have been taking pictures since I was fourteen, composing them in my head and heart earlier than that. I am obsessed with cameras, new and old, with fast lenses and with film.  One of my greatest joys is using those tools to create photographs that reflect love in the most powerful, unsentimental ways.   I find it all around me, each and every day.

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