Four Generations

If you have been around me lately, you know I've been obsessed with exploring beauty...I am especially interested in the beauty I see so often when I'm photographing--it's palpable, but hard describe.  It feels to me, like the beauty of a spirit.  Polished, retouched flawless faces don't interest me the way this force of spirit shining in someone's eyes does.   This line of beautiful women epitomized for me that quest.  It's hard to contain the love I feel for Kimtasha.  She is a makeup artist, and we have worked together in the hectic dressing rooms of brides for years.  I am drawn to her loving calm spirit.  I was so excited when Kimtasha told me of her hopes to capture a four generation portrait.  Man oh man, what a feisty wonderful group of women.  My spirit was soaring when I left them.