Amelia {senior portraiture}


I first met Amelia several years ago when I photographed her family at their beach house ( One of the photographs from that day, the children spinning in a circle on the beach, is on my business card and framed in my studio. It is one of the photographs my clients all seem to love. What a pleasure it was for me to spend the afternoon with Amelia and her mom, Jill. It is such an enjoyable experience photographing teenagers I knew as children. I love how in some of these photographs, I can still see that playful 12 year old I met years ago...and in others I see the amazingly beautiful, strong and graceful woman she is growing into. Thank you, Amelia!

Tara and Brent {Wedding Commission--Ribault Club}

Tara and Brent were married on a beautiful October afternoon and were surrounded by a wonderful group of loving friends and family.

new website and blog in the works

In January, I attended a mind blowing artist professional development workshop through a very special non-profit, Creative Capital: This workshop was life changing in so many ways. I got to know some wonderful artists and have some very exciting collaborations planned with several of these artists.

It was also an opportunity to take a look at where I want to go as an artist, and what it takes to get there. One of the realizations I made was how important documentary projects are for me. I've never put the full force of my planning, imagination and dreaming towards that work, and yet, it is the heart of everything else I do.
As a result, I've been planning strategically towards that work. A big part of that effort at the moment is revising my website. I'm working with some amazing people to create a custom, integrated website and blog that will be easier to navigate, and that will allow me to show more fully some of the projects close to my heart.
I can't wait to launch it!

Traci and Shaun {wedding commission}

Traci and Shaun were married last November at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. LOTS of fun and love at this was such a joy for me to document this day for them! Traci's twin brother was her man of honor, and I must say he did a fine job of making sure her train was straight. Traci and Shaun know how to enjoy life--whenever I spend time with them, I walk away with a great big smile on my face. Traci, I am so glad you stumbled across my photos in Jacksonville Magazine and came to meet me. I am glad you are in my life!