Kristie and David


Elizabeth and Alex

I loved photographing Elizabeth and Alex's grandparents and parents.  Such a legacy of love!

Meredith and Rob

I always asked brides what matters most to them in their photographs.  Meredith told me she and Rob were inviting seventeen guests (many of them children) and that they mostly wanted lots and lots of portraits of these special people they love.  The Ritz, family having fun, sweet small wedding, sweet smart bride and groom = magic!

Renee and Richard

I love love love Renee's contagious smile and intelligent sense of humor.  It matches perfectly with Richard's wry sense of humor.   And the total delight he takes in her.f 

Welcome to my new website/blog

I am so happy to introduce my new website and blog.    I began exploring ideas for a custom designed site after the Creative Capital artist workshop I attended in January.  I realized I wanted a site that would allow me to show more of my documentary projects as well as a greater variety of my portrait and wedding work.  I also wanted to integrate my blog into the site so that visitors would not have to dig for the blog or leave my website to access it.   Shortly after the Creative Capital workshop, my cousin Litza Stark, a web programmer based in New York, came to visit.  She spent several hours with me sketching ideas for the site that addressed my needs.  

Litza then passed on those ideas to Beth Sullivan who began fleshing out the site and creating the look and feel of the site.   Litza and Beth were dynamos!  Litza translated my vision perfectly into a practical, intuitive working site.  Beth spent enormous amounts of time listening to me describe the way I wanted the site to FEEL.  It's no small task to take an artist's descriptive words about her website and turn it into a reality, but Beth did it.   She and Litza worked seamlessly (and QUICKLY!) together to bring this site to life.  I also worked closely with the amazingly talented Suzanne Hendricks, who created my original logo and branding (which I LOVE) to ensure the website felt consistent with my previous website and business card.

I hope you enjoy visiting my new website.  I still have loads of content to add, but already love my new digs!  I hope you'll come back often to see what's new.


Brunet-Garcia's inspired marketing pieces for One in Three


Brunet-Garcia ROCKS! One of the many exciting parts of photographing the One in Three portraits was working with this team, so dedicated and passionate about engaging our community in a conversation about education. I love the branding they created! If you look at the new digital billboard on I-95 you might get a glimpse of the One in Three announcement.

Here's a link to their website with photographs of all of the marketing pieces they created to accompany this initiative: