"Ingrid Damiani is a versatile and creative photographer.  She brings both the photojournalist's unflinching commitment to truth and the artist's quest for beauty to her work.  Clearly she enjoys photographing all her subjects, but her passion lies in portraying the unique beauty of those with special needs.  She has spent countless hours observing and photographing children who receive services at Hope Haven's Children's Clinic and the therapists who work with them.  Ingrid draws out these children and creates powerful photographs, free of sentimentality, that capture their determination and resilience as they struggle to make their place in the world."  --Anne Wall, Director of Development, Hope Haven Children's Clinic and Family Center


"For the past twelve years, Ingrid Damiani has observed dozens of programs at the Cummer Museum through the eye of her camera and through her artist's heart.  Ingrid's work serves as an important document of what the Cummer does in the community, but it goes well beyond the strictly documentary. Ingrid's work captures the intimacy of the moment, often unobserved fully by the participants.  Her photographs capture human connections being made and creative moments of discovery.  Ingrid's art is technically superb and seductive in its humanity."  -- Hope McMath, Director of the Cummer Museum


"Ingrid is the sweetest most natural photographer. She has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable being photographed and it really shines through in the photos." --Amy Zahra Arbuckle


"Working with you was so much fun! You are the perfect balance of warmth and professionalism, combining receptiveness to my ideas with your own unique style and expertise. I felt like I could be myself around you and my photographs show this. Yours was not a formulaic, "do-these-pre-packaged-poses" photography session; it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to capture the personality of me and my family on film."  Caroline, high school senior.


"Ingrid was absolutely incredible to work with for both my engagement shots and wedding photos. Within minutes of meeting her, I felt completely comfortable and confident that she was the perfect person to capture these important memories. My husband and I are in awe of her work. When we got our wedding shots back, I was moved to tears at the beauty she caught not only in the posed shots but when we didn't even know she was there. Those moments are so special and she has such an eye on how to capture them. I cannot wait to work with her again some day. She is a true artist and amazing human being. I can't say enough good things about her!" --Ashby Felton Barth


"We are back from  our short road trip to Ashville (and NYC)... We still can't stop talking about how amazing you and your husband are--as both photographers and people. Wow is all I can say! It was incredible spending the evening with you! You have a talent for making everyone (even people who are normally super uncomfortable in front of a feel happy and comfortable.Thank you so much for helping make that day the best of our really are so special we just want to hang with you...Love, Matty and Joy"


"Profesional, kind, and talented. You will have no regrets when you pick Ingrid. We did not hire a videographer because there was no need to, the pictures captured every moment and emotion so beautifully".--Jennifer and Paul


"Just wanted to tell you that I went to the Cummer Museum today to enjoy your fabulous One in Three show.Your work was as personal as I expected it to be based on knowing you.  When I looked at your portraits, I was eager to read about each and every student. They bared their souls for you to capture. Bravo to you for the extraordinary talent that you have but more so for caring about all of us that you encounter. Your love and sincere interest in your subjects is what sets you apart and what makes your work the art that it is." --Nancy Padgett


"Working with Ingrid was truly one of the best parts of my entire wedding. I had been following her work for a year prior to the wedding and fell in love with her style. Two words to describe her work to me are classic and timeless. Her photos will never go out of style. They are simply breathtaking. Not only is her work fantastic, but she is a pleasure to work with. She makes everyone feel at ease." --Lisa


"Ingrid is the best! Love every picture she took!" --  Caroline


"Ingrid is simply AMAZING and captures the moment perfectly. I was so impressed and blown away at our wedding photos. They are so beautiful. Thank you Ingrid!"-- Claire


"Ingrid Damiani's photography for our wedding was absolutely amazing and more than we could have ever hoped for!! I would recommend Ingrid to anyone who was in need of a photographer for their wedding. Ingrid's work is a true art and we are overjoyed with our photos! -- Blair Nemiroff


"Ingrid is a true artist. We could not have been happier with our daughter's wedding photos. I highly recommend her. At the church we had only 30 minutes to get photos of the wedding party, along with group shots involving 3 different families (over 120 people). They were just what we asked for. The reception photos showed the delightful time that was had by all. She also took photos of details that made this day so special. She truly captured how happy we were on that very special day. The album is a true treasure.  --Kim Sanchez


"Ingrid did a fantastic job of capturing the special moments big and small of our wedding day. Her warmth put everyone immediately at ease and made people comfortable so all of our photographs look very natural. In addition, she has a tremendous ability to put together beautiful albums. Thanks Ingrid!"  Carlos and Caroline


"Ingrid was unbelievable and the moments she captured were AMAZING!!!!! She is so talented and very connected to the event!" --   Courtney